What filters do I need?

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What filters do I need?

Hello all:

I will soon be buying a Nikon D90 with 18-105 and a 50mm 1.4/1.8 (still deciding). I will be taking mostly protraits... I am just wondering what kind of filter should I get? Do I need a Polarizer / Circular Polarizer? Or just a UV?

I've always thought its a good idea to have a UV filter all time just for protection. But apparaently sometimes UV filter can reduce image quality.

So basicly I have these questions:

1) For outdoor protraits, what filter should I use? What if it's a sunny day? What if it's nightime (with external flash)?

2) For nightime landscape, what filter should I use?

2) Should I remove the UV filter in some situation?

3) Do I even need a Circular Polarizer? Or what other kinds of filter should I consider? (Mostly for protraits)

4) For indoor protraits, what filter should I use? And what if I am using an external flash?

5) I've heard that SDHC are not very that "secure" after all when you buy a 16gb card. Have any of you have any trouble with SDHC card? I am planning in buying the ones from Sandisk. Should I buy 1 16gb or 2 8gb?



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