Nikon d3x - Dead Pixels in some copies ?

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Re: Nikon d3x - Dead Pixels in some copies ?

yeah...nou doubt about it

Some people say that "ohit's no big deal, you can fix it later in software" , but after spending so much money, getting into the hotel, shoting a couple of shots, and seing in the monitor in a darkish are are a White Dot, i shot a dark picture with the Lens Cap on at 100 iso, and i found myself thinking "??? aren't they supossed to test this d3/d3x bodies before selling them ? it only took me 2 or 3 shots to notice the problem..."

I am glad i did, and didn't accept the machine like it was...fortunatelly in the shop they immediatly saw what i was complaining about, and accept my complaint.

Like i mentioned i came from Sony...a a700, and if a "cheap" bodie like that hasn't got any...why should a Pro camera have it ? If i spend the money, am unhappy with it for a legitimate reason , makes sense to replace it.

It would be pretty annoyng to shot a pciture, and each and everytime i shot someting i would see int the screen a White cross '+' least to me it would, some othe people might not be annoyed by it, i was...

Like i said, glad i exchanged it for a body with no such problem

The day after that i also broght by request a d700 for a friend of mine, since the English Pound value is so low compared to the Euro...and the first thing i did in the shop was to try the machine and take a shot with the Lens Cap on, to guarantee that i wasn't taking a machine with the same kinda problem. Thankfully it had none.

If we are unhappy with something we should complain, better than spend a lot of money and then being unhappy with it.

Ald_2k wrote:
Hi H_P_P,

Nikon (and Canon) do not have remapping feature.
There are, though, some tricks, that some people reported to work.
In this forum it is described somewhere.

Manufacturers SHOULD implement that feature, since it would save them
LOT of money in tech service... So easy, and not yet "officially"
implemented... incredible, isn't it ?

Best regards.

J_P_P wrote:
Thanks.. wish i had more time in these 2 weeks to take some shots

Regarding your observation about the remap ? ? ?

Never heard of this, or read it the manual or somewhere elese... and
what about nikon ?

steelhead3 wrote:

Congregations on your new purchase. On the Sony cameras, the sensor
is remapped every month. If you have a hot pixel, all you have to do
is change the date and it will remap.

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