D3x vs. 5DII Sensor Only.

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Re: Shadow Noise

bobn2 wrote:

Just another thought on re-reading this thread - Nikon's statement to
DPR about 'various stages of amplification' could also be taken to
mean the dual gain read scheme that I speculated on. Given that this
also seems a quite good match for the observed characteristics of the
D3x, I think that I might be on to something. My current best bet is
low ISO's, dual read at different gains, high ISO's (where that trick
obviously doesn't work) multiple reads. Maybe four reads at all
IOS's, with different gains for low ISO's. This would yield
significantly better performance than the A900 at low ISO's and
somewhat better performance at high ISO's

Dual gains should show up in the histogram; the data from the lower gain has to be normalized to the higher gain, which would leave gaps in the histogram where the lower gain channel was used (unless they specifically try to cover their tracks).

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