5d2 Video DOF Control: Canon White Paper (Arghh!)

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5d2 Video DOF Control: Canon White Paper (Arghh!)

I glanced through most of the posts in the Arghh! thread to see if the following was addressed, but it doesn't seem to have been:

Canon's 5d2 White Paper strongly implies that the operator will be able to control DOF when in video mode, which clearly doesn't seem to be the case. Here are a few choice statements:

1) Section I. Overview, page 6: "With it [30 fps, 1080p Full HD video recording] activated, photographers and videographers can capture high definition video with depth-of-field control found only in professional video models - using much more affordable Canon EF lenses.."

2) Section III. Video Recording on EOS 5D Mark II, page14: "It's lighter, smaller and lower-priced than most professional HD camcorders, yet provides amazing depth-of-field control..."

Then, immediately following that comment is a long 21-line paragraph that exclusively addresses why DOF control on the 5D2 is so superior to DOF control on camcorders.

What gives? These statements all imply to me that the user has control over video DOF.

I then saw after reading the white paper further that the user exercises "creative control" over video by setting the appropriate Picture Style. Has anyone tried that? If so, how does it work, and can you adjust the Picture Style on the fly?

Now I know that's not the ideal solution (the ideal solution, of course, is to be able to set the aperture yourself), but if I want shallow DOF, I'll just set a Portait Picture Style. On the reverse, if I want maximum DOF, I'll just dial in a Landscape Picture Style. I also believe that a user can create three of his or her own Picture Styles, correct? If that is so, is DOF one of the controllable elements? I would perhaps then create a Picture Style with the shallowest DOF possible, given the the Portrait Picture Style might not always dial in the widest aperture.


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