another LX3 low light pano

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Re: another LX3 low light pano

All my panos have been handheld--I just allow generous overlap with each shot. The Panorama Maker 4 software that comes with the LX3 (and alot of other cameras) does a pretty decent job without any effort, really, and I've also used PTGui, which is a pretty decent set of panorama tools as well:

patLum wrote:

antiq wrote:

Although I'm slightly affected by the dpr-typical
"pixel-o-peep-itis", I enjoyed these very much, thank you. I'm one
step closer to buying this peace of work to complement my (recently
stolen & hopefully future) dslr.

From your experience, is it possible to stitch a panorama like this
from handheld shots? I believe you'd need more fiddling with

Thx Antiq,

Yes, it is possible to take these handheld, but it's hard and you
will get more stitch errors now and then. There's tricks you can use
when handheld to keep your lens at the nodal point. Like using the
nose of your shoe, using a little cord or elastic, etc.

I like to create dept in the shots by having an object or person
nearby but that's almost impossible without tripod and ninja. Nearby
objects are very easily affected by paralax errors. Landscapes won't
give you problems handheld.


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