Loss of smooth gradation in printed image

Started Feb 22, 2009 | Discussions thread
xilvar Senior Member • Posts: 1,403
colormunki's profile refinement helps quite a bit with this.

Well despite some other annoyances with the colormunki this is one of the areas I've been pretty pleased with. The colormunki software allows you to 'refine' a profile using an image. The theory is that it chooses the most important colors out of the image to refine.

This is helpful, but it tends not to choose many colors from the gradation areas. Thus I frequently crop out chunks of ONLY the gradation areas and have the color munki refine a profile based only on those areas. Thus far this has worked quite well at smoothing out any irregularities I see after a first test printing.

The only area this doesn't seem to work well in is extreme dark areas. Something I'm 'discussing' with one of their support folks right now...

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