Candid Street Photography

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Re: Candid Street Photography

G4orce Studios wrote:

I think "candid" or "street" photography is creepy. I really do not
care what you think of my opinions. Sneaking pics of unsuspecting
people, for no reason other than to feed voyeuristic needs,

BTW, the bra picture is creepy and voyeuristic. I would imagine
someone got a lot of mileage out of that pic, late at night.

If the girls ( or their parents) mind so much they should take care not to show so much skin in public.

I believe that this photograph will be seen only by the phography enthusiasts who logon to DP review, barring a few exceptions who hate photgraphy, yet actually go to photgraphy sites to show their hate. this will be much lesser than the number of persons who would have seen them live.

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