Smugmug prints not matching with monitor...

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Re: Smugmug prints not matching with monitor...

razmus wrote:

fretsonfire wrote:

OK, so I have a Dell 2005fpw monitor and an eyeone pro display
calibration hardware. I calibrated the monitor in advanced so that
everything is right, (had to lower rgb to get luminance down) but I
just got 6, 5x7 prints done, and they seem somewhat washed out and
desaturated compared to my calibrated monitor...Im really confused.
Ive gone through so much effort here! and im a college student, and
over winter break I really want to get my photos edited...any tips?
Id say most notably the greens and maybe yellows look much better on
my monitor than in the prints. Please, any input is greatly
appreciated...I really want to be able to edit my pics. And fyi,
eyeone has been nothing but problems.
Thanks so much!

ps. should I just calibrate manually til it matches the pictures
printed from smugmug??

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I have the exact same monitor as you and have the same problem,
except i'm printing to a epson 1400 and use the color profile for my
paper. I also am using the Eye1 (light version - by the way it has a
terrible interface and is very confusing). According to the Eye1LT I
have it set correctly but I get much less vibrant/darker photos on
the printer.

Out of curiousity, what are your monitor settings? The weird thing
about mine is that they're basically stock. I color profiled it and
it changed almost nothing.

The fun is, it won't change monitor settings but adjust the output from the graphics card to the monitor! it tells the graphics card how to set the colours so it looks allright on the monitor!

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