Circuit City-buyer be ware

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Saul Arias Junior Member • Posts: 35
Re: Circuit City-buyer be ware

These price are all reset back to the last MSRP that circuit had information on. Since the body only unit was only available as a special order unit it never had an update on MSRP so it cost more than the far more frequently sold and updated kit version. They reset the prices to set a benchmark to discount from. In the beginning the price will be higher than local retailers, and allows the liquidators to turn profit from sales vultures, but as time goes on prices really begin to drop. I purchased the 70mm-300m the last day before liquidation end at just $70. Current liquidations for most stores around the country will end March 24, it is in this last week that sales will be 80% of list. On the 24th of march all sales will be negotiable and what ever you offer they will take starting at 90% off, but very little will be left.

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