Canon 5D Mark II Or Nikon D700 For Weddings

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Re: Canon 5D Mark II Or Nikon D700 For Weddings

Canon's wildly-inconsistent flash metering drove me into the arms of the D700. You can shoot weddings with the 5D/5DM2 (I do) but it takes lots of practice to learn the flash metering idiosynchrisies. For future weddings/flash events I plan to use my D700 for the 24-70mm range and my 5D/5DM2 for everything beyond 70mm (coincides with my Canon lens collection).

Sam01 wrote:

Hi, Everyone,
I have been reading about 5DM2 for a few weeks now. Currently, I have
iinvested a good deal of $$$$$ in canon with L series lenses,
speedlite and a 20D which I am very pleased with. I am waiting to buy
5DM2 but as time is passing by I am reading more and more about the
AF issues especially in low lit places. I am going to shoot weddings
with 5DM2. Will, it be a good camera for the said events or I should
look into Nikon D700 or 1Ds MarkIII before its to late for me. Please
hepl !!!!.

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