AVCHD 720p/60 a problem?

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Well, my Sanyo Xacti does. it has a 720 60p mode. I figure its probably not the only one....

mpgxsvcd wrote:
What camcorder currently shoots at 60 FPS progressive?

LizaWitz wrote:

Yem wrote:

Thanks very much, that's just what I was after. Pretty compelling.

I can't fathom why they chose to output 60 instead of 30 unless to
mislead. It's the "digital zoom" thing all over again. See this
extract from a hands on with the ZS3:

"With its full optical zoom range at its disposal, the ZS3 shoots
720p HD video at a super-smooth 60 fps (and with stereo audio capture
to boot)."

Personally I'll be weighing up this vs a Canon 960IS or SX200.

Where's the misleading? 60p is smoother than 30p. I've been
choosing 720p at 60 on my camcorder over 30 and 1080i because the
image quality is nice.

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