Ways to improve the GX and GRD camera lines

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Ways to improve the GX and GRD camera lines

Hello -

I have been a long time lurker on these forums - as well as the ricohforum.com web site - I love seeing all of your photos, reading what you folks have to say, and am happy to be taking part - this is my first post to either group

I spent too many years looking for the "right" compact digital camera to start me off down the digital photo road (I still shoot with a film SLR) - and when I stumbled across the GX100 - I knew I had found my home

I have owned a GX100 for over a year now - my first and surely not last Ricoh camera was happily picked up in the dinning room of PopFlash.com - I have had very few problems - the camera works like a champ - on the computer and printed to paper (11x17)

This is a list of things I would love to see changed (and a few things I hope do not change) in the next line of GX and GRD models

(I have not used the GX200 or the GRD2 - sorry if any of the things on this list are already in use)


  • Get rid of the "Caplio" tag on the flash - have it say Ricoh - SO MANY people come up to me saying "hey nice camera - who makes it... never heard of Caplio?..."

  • Get rid of the shutter rocker and make it a wheel - is there a reason this HAD to be a rocker? (is it because a wheel couldn't act as a press in button?)

I just hate the damn thing

  • Don't make the screen much larger - or NO larger but much sharper - or maybe a square screen (enough to add the changes I mention down below)

  • Make the triangular LC-1 lens cap/cover the standard - I love this thing (that is assuming the body design stays the same - maybe they have other plans in store for us)

  • If the body is not changing - keep the rubber grip and buttons the same - this camera just FEELS much much better than ANY compact I've tried since buying it - that includes all of Canon's, Panasonic's/Leica's, and Nikon’s top compacts

  • I love the hot shoe cover - but the shutter release button can be made better somehow - maybe a tighter feel

  • I know it gets a lot of ill talk laid down on it - but i LOVE the external video finder - this thing has saved me so many times - and it just keeps reminding me of my lovely old Canon F1's speed finder - I don't see why anyone would talk badly about this thing - it gives you an image good enough for framing and all the metering info you need so the image quality doesn't have to be all that good anyway - and don't talk about how it doesn't show you an accurate frame guide (its not 100% of the image) - an $8,000 Leica with it's rangefinder doesn't give you a 100% accurate frame either sooo...

Internal - New user interface

  • The picture area is RIDICULOUSLY cluttered - please move all the camera info outside of the picture area!

Either by...

1 - Shrinking the actual picture size which creates blank black space for all the info as is done on the Leica compact and Panasonic G1

2 - Having a slightly larger screen so that picture size stays the same - but you now have more unused screen real-estate to use for camera info (the square screen I was talking about in the section above)

3 - The top of the frame can have all the useful info like focal length, stop, shutter, meter, while the bottom of the frame can show less useful camera function info, like battery life, file format, shots remaining, and misc style info like color temp, macro, flash etc

On top of the changes I just mentioned - I would love it if Ricoh can...

  • Get rid of the zoom range guide and stick with numbers (I think any person who uses this camera must know a thing or two about photography and lenses - so no need for the long guide) - the wide end and tight end can change color to signify you've reached the limits (from white to green or red etc)

  • New exposure guide similar to what we see in a DSLR with + - stops on the range as opposed to a blank guide - this can easily horizontally fit at the top of the frame along with the other useful camera info in the new blank space we hopefully have - no need to keep pressing the display button to get rid of the clutter

And speaking of the display... (while using an optical rangefinder)

  • A new display function between on/off on the VF/LCD button - a large full screen display of useful camera info but no picture - like what we see on newer DSLR - it must be uncluttered - only displaying the most essential camera info (focal length, meter, aperture, shutter, iso, format, mode) - and the back light should be at a dim default - to save battery and to not be too distracting/noticeably bright to passers bye

And one final thing
(I'm not 100% how useful this is to most people)

  • New gray shaded frame area for use while shooting full frame RAW but composing for 1:1 - 3:2 etc - I shoot RAW 4:3 but like to crop to 3:2 and 1:1 in Lightroom - so I like being able to go back to the original 4:3 image, crop, and then just shift a tiny bit - I’m not happy with the idea of shooting in RAW 1:1 or RAW 3:2 with the frame size burnt in since there is no going back

Thanks for reading - And thanks to Ricoh for making such amazing compacts - I would love to hear other ideas on how to make these great cameras even better

Have a good day

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