How do you protect your Metz from freezing over? (a little story)

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Re: How do you protect your Metz from freezing over? (a little story)

LOL use the hot chick to flag down the cops. Nice... I can picture it now.

I'd also suspect the batteries are a likely fault. Lets also not forget that LCD screens can "freeze" in very cold weather making them appear to be non functional, very dim or slow to respond. Though if the whole flash wasn't responding at all, I suspect the batteries did get too cold. (I always kept AA's in the freezer to extend their shelf life but now I use Sanyo Eneloop rechargeables which keep their charge very well.)

henryp wrote:

thanos wrote:

Do you have any stories shooting with flash in very low temps?

Batteries temporarily die when they get cold. Keeping your batteries
warm could help considerably. A Quantum battery in your pocket might
be a useful option.

When the hostages were released from Iran I was assigned to shoot the
NYC ticker-tape parade. One of the coldest January days I can recall
and I was using another photog's equip because I was originally not
the assigned photog. This was when cameras were 100% manual and we
were shooting film.

Batteries died mid-roll, cold film gets brittle, rewinding cold film
at the end of the roll can cause static electric sparks which look
like little lightening bolts and hands were of course painfully stiff
and numb.

Every time a motorcycle cop rolled by we all made him stop so we
could use the heat from his engine to warm our hands, change film,
and swap cold batteries for the warm ones in our pockets. Thank
goodness the group I was with included a very attractive local TV
newswoman. The cops stopped for her, not us mugs, and we were glad to
have her there.

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