D3X review is here... cont.

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Re: May be not

Iliah Borg wrote:

Using D3X in low light, fast shooting, - he will lose all the
resolution advantage over D3. Same as with any other high resolution

Yes, this should be well known by now given how immersed he is in this forum, and depending on the ISO he really needs. But as so much goes in one eye and out the other (hard to mix the usual "ears" metaphor here, but I'll add more ) nicram has shown himself to be an old dog that can't be taught new tricks. To repeat what has been oft said, for nicram's benefit, the crossover point where the D3 edges out the D3x is somewhere around ISO 1600, possibly lower. But then, coming from MF, he may think ISO 400 and ISO 800 would be sufficient for his needs if in fact he owns and uses the MF gear he described, and isn't just an assistant that rubs shoulders with the real pros. He has sounded so silly, so often, that it's hard to believe he could have a large enough client list to actually support himself.

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