Epson 4880 Dark Printing Issue Solved.

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Epson 4880 Dark Printing Issue Solved.

There are two sections to this solution, BASIC SETTINGS and THE REAL PROBLEM. Most likely anyone who has purchased a printer at this level will have basic settings correct. But check them against this list to confirm you do. After you get the problem solved you can go back and play with the adjustments to suit your goals.

Incidental information:
Macintosh Leopard 10.5.6
Printer: Epson 4880
Paper: Epson Premium Photo Glossy
Monitor adjustments: Spyder3 - then an additional manual decrees in brightness.

Begin by confirming you have all latest drivers.


Printer Settings:

Media Type: Premium Photo Paper Glossy
Print Mode: AccuPhoto HD
Color Mode: Off (Not Color Management)
Output Resolution: 2880 dpi
High Speed: unchecked
Finest Detail: unchecked
16 Bit Output: checked

Lightroom 2 Color Management:

Resolution: 360 (If using aperture, 360 may not be available. Use 240.)
Print Sharpening: Standard
Media Type: Gossy
16 Bit Output: Checked
Profile: Pro4880 PGPP
Rendering: Perceptual


Confirm ColorSync ICC profiles
Applications> Utilities> ColorSync Utilities

Click on Profiles then User.
Epson profiles should be there.

Click on Devices> Printers> Epson.
Profiles should be there.
(If your printer is not registered see * below. This was my 1st problem)

If the profiles are not there (this was my 2nd problem) then they did not install automatically. You will have to manually install. It’s easy. There are 3 steps.

Step 1:

Double click on your Macintosh HD icon (Don’t use a finder window)> Library> Printers> Epson> InkjetPrinter> ICCProfiles>

Right Click on Pro4880.profiles> Show Package Contents> Recources.

Copy all ICC’s

Step 2:
Open regular Finder window> Library> ColorSync> Profiles then paste the ICC’s.

Step 3:

Open Lightroom or Aperture> Printer Settings> Color Matching should be checked in drop down menu not EPSON Color Controls (this was my 3rd problem).

Your done.
Restart your computer

As you can see, in my case, there were 3 separate problems contributing to the dark printing issue. Any one of them would keep the Epson from utilizing Colorsync Profiles, much less all 3.

If your printer does not appear, uninstall the driver by downloading and opening the latest driver as if you are going to install it. Choose the option to Uninstall.

Remove the printer from Print &Fax in System preferences.

Restart your computer then reinstall the driver.

If your printer still does not appear, uninstall all printer drivers on your computer. Reinstall the Epson driver back in first. Restart your computer. It should be there.

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