D3x vs. 5DII Sensor Only.

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D3x vs. 5DII Sensor Only.

I know many folks have compared 5DII and D3x clearly on ISO and Sharpness, and if you just take those two factor into account when comparing both sensors you are not getting the whole picture. I clearly believe the price tag of D3x lies in the sensor not its superior features with better AF, better Metering...etc

What do we know about both D3x and 5DII sensors?

D3x - litterally noiseless at base level ISO
5DII - Shows noise in shadows even at ISO 100

D3x - Extremely high Dynamic range
5DII - Not so high, in fact behind D3, D700

D3x - Extremely high detail and sharpness
5DII - Less detail, less sharpness

D3x - High ISO, better than 1DsIII, but worse than D3, D700, 5DII
5DII, Great at High ISO, major competitor to D3, D700

D3x - Color Depth is in the Medium Format territory
5DII - Color depth in D3, D700 and 1DSIII territory

D3x - 24mpx
5DII - 21mpx

In my opinion this should justify $8K price tag when you add the D3 features on D3x sensor.

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