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Re: Some C and C

Please keep in mind, this is my opinion!

I'm sorry: I don't agree with your assumption that the face is the main subject. I take the photo as a story in itself, and I think it does so very well.

It's monochrome - technically, colour can distract from the theme or from other, more important information in the image. Here, it's not just monochrome but an absence of colour. My feeling from this is there's a job being done here, and it's serious. There are moments of colour, but the job comes first.

Three major objects fill the frame (in no particular order): the crewman, scanning, part of the fifty, and part of the shield. It's not personal - part of his face is obscured; it's not glorifying war - only part of the weapon is shown, and this just happens to be a tool of the trade; and the shield is about protection - protecting the innocent civilians as well as himself and those around him.

Nope, this is a great image. Of course, my interpretation could be way off beam!

BTW, I still have a head space and timing gauge!

Thanks for the photo, and most importantly, thanks for doing the job.

Regards to you and your mates, GodSpeed.

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