Thom 16-85VR and 18-105 DX review is up

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Do you know if anyone has done a recent study on the different lens stabilization systems and done a report on how they've changed/improved since they were first introduced?

Searching online I've discovered information on this subject is rather lacking and a lot of it is from years ago when IS/VR was somewhat new. I read of the advances of VRII yet nothing of how they achieved their increased performance. Your recent posts about when to turn off stabilization at 1/500th sec and above was illuminating and got me to thinking more on the matter of the hardware and electronics and how they work (and differ).

As I mentioned in a recent post here about 2 and 3 axis designs but are the 3 axis designs really better performing than the former? Are these newer IS and VRII lenses hitting the market of the 3 axis design and that is why they gain another step in shutter speed usability, or is it faster processors/motors, or both and more besides?

(He says this in hopes that a certain well respected writer will take interest in the subject and offer his insights)

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