Monitors between $300-$500

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Re: Monitors between $300-$500
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Just want to set the record straight...

Answering questions is easier than asking -

If you're lucky enough and knowlegeable enough to know an answer to a query about which you have an opinion and/or a recommendation with which to reply - that's terrific and your answers are appreciated.

However, when you're the one asking a question, it's obvious you don't know what you're asking about, as if you did, you would not be asking nor seeking'd be the respondent who was answering the question.

Thus, to those who take the time to give educated answers without any need of being rude or cantankerous, I thank you...on behalf of those who are benefiting from your answers.

...Your replies are appreciated by those who don't know even the rudementary question as regards 'how to ask - what they don't know' that is the basis of how a question is often asked by someone who doesn't know...enuff' to ask.

Nonetheless, those good folks asking for your advice still deserve the same level of respect (for not being afraid to ask) as you deserve when asking your doctor or attorney for their advice; and, for certain it should not be necessary to be rude nor to find it necessary to insult anyone because they don't exactly know what to ask, nor have enough information to pose their question in the specific and exacting manner of who someone who does know the answer.

The basic value of these forums should be to educate and to share knowledge amongst those who have a common interest in those things photographic - it is not a vehicle to boost one's weak or otherwise damaged psychological ego who just might happen to have a wee bit more experience in an area of life or business which in most arena's would not make a cent of difference.

Thus, to those who do answer with respect...

I offer in reply, my respect,


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