This is why I am starting to like RAW more and more....

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Re: The question is...

Ron Kruger wrote:

Are you sure about this, Jose?
"A RAW file has not had its "color balance" modified, in fact a RAW
file has no inherent color balance. The color balance gets applied to
it in the post-processing, in the same way the camera would apply it
to produce the jpeg."
I thought the color space was set in the camera. The default is sRGB
and the only other choice is aRGB. Seems to me if there was no color
balance, the dots wouldn't know where to collect.

Someone already posted a long, informative post in response to this, but I just wanted to add, be careful not to confuse the "color space" (i.e. sRGB, Adobe RGB, etc.), with "white balance" settings. "Color space" is primarily used to tell a display/print device how to display/print a given RGB pixel value - that is, if a pixel is valued "255-0-0" (pure red), how should that "pure red" be displayed/printed?

It's all explained really well in the book "Real World Color Management, 2nd ed.". But if you're like me, you'll have to read it a few times to understand it!!

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