LX3 - DIY leather case

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LX3 - DIY leather case

There have been a lot of posts about a case for the LX3. Here you have another one.

When I bought my LX3 I also bought the AlwaysOn wrap. I had read on this forum that it fitted the LX3 - just. Well to my liking it does not. You have to use too much force to get the Velcro pieces over each other.

Then I bought a leather case from ebay. But that thing is too much brick-shaped to be pocketable. It is'nt real leather either but that was to be expected because it costed almost nothing.

I like the AlwaysOn concept. It protects the lens and the lcd and that's enough for me. So I decided to try something myself. I had a piece of leather from an old boot of my wife that was just large enough.

The biggest problem with cases for the LX3 is the lens. To accomodate that you have to make a bulge in the leather. Leather is easily deformable when it is wet. Put in in water for 10 minutes, clamp it between two pieces of wood with a

hole in it and push with a proper sized object like a glass pot or the bottom of a cup.

I could get no further than a bulge of 10mm. Pushing more would tear the leather or -when loosening the clamps- deform the the rest of the leaher that is supposed to stay flat.

I was not happy with the result. So I had a second try. I had no second boot, used it for something else, so I got a large sheet of sheep skin leather via the internet for only 10 euro. Now I made the bulge seperately out of a square piece of


Pushing and giving the leather the oppotunity to creep to the hole by loosening the clamps now and then. This way I could push much further and actually I pushed a bit too far. Let it dry for a day or so and trimmed the edge to a round

form. Then I glued it in the flat sheet of leather. First cut a perfect round hole with a very sharp knife and a steady hand. Then sanded the top layer of the ring around the bulge carefully. My experience with the boot-leather was that the

"nice" side of the leather does not hold glue very well so sand the top layer away.

I used 2-component glue, also sold as Araldite, epoxy resin. Use very little, you don't want the glue creeping out the seam on the outside. In the photo above too much glue was applied. This was the boot leather version.

The result was mucht better than my first try.
The rest is cutting it to size and putting the different parts on it.

I used all the AlwaysOn parts and hand-stiched it on the leather. The glue does not hold on the rubber and on the hook-part of the Velcro - tried it that way on the boot-version. U used the rubber part with the AlwaysOn logo not because it I

thik it looks nice but because you don't see the hand stiches on the black background. It is very difficult to make a nice straight handstith in leather.


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