DP G10 review makes me jittery about buying

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G10 and LX3 both good for their purpose

I'm a Nikon shooter. I have the D300 and the D700 and literally thousands spent on lenses. I love to shoot wildlife, landscapes and low light stuff. I'm not a pro, an enthusiast.

I too read the reviews long and hard, over and over, and was really close to purchasing an LX3 but went for the G10 for a couple of reasons.

I use DxO Optics Pro for some of my processing, along with Capture NX2 as my main editing software, and a processing module for the RAW G10 files is available. Makes for easy PP'ing and better than the Canon software.

Much has been made of the "excessive" pixel density of the G10 but in truth Canon has a done a superb job of handling noise and in camera processing and the detail available is indeed "jaw-dropping" when you get exposure right.

If shooting RAW and PP'ing yourself the Canon is indeed sharper than the Panasonic when pixel-peeping at 100%, just no getting around that.

Add-on flashes, remote releases and other accessories much better for the Canon. And these cameras need the hot-shoe flash.

All the handwringing over high ISO performance differences is just silly. These are not and never will be low light cameras. I can't see the LX3 as significantly better from the comparisons I've seen and if high ISO shooting is important then you should look at the Nikon D40/D60 or the Canon XSi or comparable DSLR's which you can buy for about the same money, only a little more, and are worlds better for low light photography. I can shoot at ISO 1600 and 3200 with my D700 with superb results. Comparing the G10 or LX3 results to the D700 makes for a good laugh, but they shouldn't be compared, different animals. High ISO comparisons for the G10 and LX3 are like drag racing a Prius versus a Civic hybrid....what's the point?

If you're not a Nikon aficionado you might not know of Thom Hogan. He did a comparison of the LX3, G10 and Nikon P6000 from the viewpoint of a working, professional photographer and it's good reading. His website is http://www.bythom.com and look for "compact camera shootout" or something like that on the main page, upper left column.

Bottom line is either camera is at the top of IQ for the dollar in P&S units and you should get the one that "feels" best for you. I chose the Canon as that higher pixel density, when used within the camera's limits, will provide superb detail.

Have fun. AC

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