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Really neat shots, when stitched. I got interested in this and was looking for S/W and as many of you are. I discovered, I already had a good package. I use MGI Photo Suites alot. It was only $40. but as it turns out it has a great Pano feature built in, that I discovered (I should have read the manual!)

Again that is really neat affect Bill


Bill Drew wrote:

Marty Scher B wrote:

You can have problems with any pano that has movement and even the
best pano stiching programs may not properly stitch it, it elements
have moved since the previous shot..

you may have to work with the individaul images first and clone out
parts where there is obvious movement, expecially in the areas that

Using Panorama Tools with PhotoShop masked layer output (Multi
image masked TIFF output will work with other editing software,
albeit not as easily) by being able to pick the boundries between
stitched areas.

That was done hand-held, though it would have been much easier to
stitch if I had used my home-built 2 axis pano head.

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