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You'd be wise to wait

Fraulein wrote:

For the last few months I have been drooling over each review I saw
about the LX3. I am also in the market for a light pocketable high
quality point & shoot. I search long and wide. At the end only the
Panasonic LX3 and the Canon Powershot G10 came up as the best
contestants. The Pentax point & shoot cameras did not even got to
the semi-finals. This is too bad. Finally the LX3 won my hearth.

My girlfriend is also looking for a prosumer point & shoot camera.
She also came at the conclusion the LX3 is the one. But she is not
in as bad a shape about it like I am. I am starting to have nervous
twitches when I think about the LX3 and I am starting to see it in my

I went to see my favorite salesman in my best brick and mortar store
and talk about my condition. The salesman who is probably the more
learned person I know about cameras, is also looking for a good point
& shoot. When he told me that in his opinion the LX3 was the clear
winner, I was melting like butter under a hot sun. However he
strongly suggests me to wait until after the PMA show in a couple of
weeks to see if any new cameras, especially from Panasonic would
change the cards.

So there I am waiting and counting the nights before I can get my
greedy hands on a LX3 or maybe a hypothetically LX4…???? This is
getting as bad as waiting for the next Pentax K30 or K ??? with full
frame and all sorts of goodies that will put Canon and Nikon in shame.

If this little beauty is about to emerge...

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