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Re: The point is...

Chris59 wrote:

...this is a FORUM, if nothing else it shows the depth of feeling we
have for a fellow traveller whose posts were always correct, usually
interesting as well as being forthright and honest.

It also shows that we appreciate the value that says "I might
disagree with what you say, but I will defend your right to voice
your opinion" and disagree with the high handed and mean spirited "I
disagree with what you say, it's MY forum and I will stop you from

All of the above is an opinion, to which you are entitled. The editor of this forum is also entitled to his, which in this case, is the prevailing opinion. Calling him a 'meanie' changes nothing. I myself didn't care for joe. I found him a bit arrogant and a lot argumentative. That said, I could care less whether the ban is lifted or not.

As for the voters, I have respect for those who voice their opinions based on principle, and contempt for those who are sheep. You know who you are.

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