AVCHD 720p/60 a problem?

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Re: It s not 60 fps !! mp4

Thx again Lizawitz.

BTW, I am quite involved in moviemaking myself, but never really found any 'standard'.

I would be real happy to be able to save in a kind of standard with legs as you put it, like we know in still photography (to some extent anyway).

My workflow was (until now) AVCHD 17 mbps => Mpeg2TS highbitrate 25 mpbs(conversion) 1920x1080 => NLE output MPeg2TS 25 mbps (no re-encoding).

I lose IQ that way, but workflow+result are usable/playable on most lower end systems.
But ... MP4 H.264 high profile without re-encoding ??? How and in what NLE ?

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