AVCHD 720p/60 a problem?

Started Feb 18, 2009 | Discussions thread
stefaan Senior Member • Posts: 1,136
Re: It s not 60 fps !! mp4

Thx Lizawitz.
Very valuable info !!
Now I've had a lot of problems just because of that MOV container.
If I can get it to avi or mp4 the codec is normally not getting me into trouble.
e.g. for the LX3/D-Lux4 M-JPEG MOV files that's exactly what I do... using
mp4cam2avi to do so (witout re-encoding).

In addition, the apple twos sound is not helping at all (and is not understood in windows by default unless using QT or AC3filter).
Would you think H.264-10 in an MP4 container to be future proof ?

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