Old Sigma AF 75-200 2.8-3.5 - any good?

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Re: Old Sigma AF 75-200 3.8 - any good?

jensm wrote:

I just found out that it is actually the constant aperture 3.8
version. Anybody in the know on this one?

I own it and think it is a pretty nice lens. The 1.2 meter minimum focus distant took some getting used to after using the Tamron 18-250mm though.

It will only registrar as a f4 lens. I think this is because of the mount not having the pins for starting at 3.8 and nothing to do with the lens itself. See the table on the following URL. http://kmp.bdimitrov.de/technology/K-mount/Ka.html
Hopefully you'll have more of a clue than I do and can confirm or deny it.

I love the push pull zoom. The manual focus ring is one thin ring that controls the focus and another free spinning ring right behind it. You should not have any issue grabbing the ring. I don't really use it as the AF is much faster and more accurate than I am capable of. There is a bit of a clank with the lens hit at the end of its travel. On the K10D and K20D it is enough torque and speed that I can feel it. I think I've rarely had the lens hunt or not lock focus. I used the lens with a 55mm to 52mm step down ring without an impact on vignetting.

I think the lens has also been sold as the CARL ZEISS JENA, JENAZOOM SUPER 75-200 f:3.8

If you slide the rubber zoom band up the lens, under it is a foil tape that holds the two halves of the case together. I added some gaffer tape to this as the tape was a little old on mine. The lens was introduced in 1987, so it probably is to be expected.

I didn't get the hood or the bag with mine.


There was one listed on ebay with fungus last week, so it is something to be aware of. Hopefully you will like the lens and got a good price on it. I don't see too many people bidding on the lens when it comes up for sale, no matter the mount. I have seen posts saying it doesn't work on the Sony DSLRs, but have exchanged email a Sony user that has one that does. Maybe old versus older?

Thank you

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