G-1 Inside Romsey Abbey, UK.

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Re: Next question

HornOUBet wrote:
I have the E510, and love it...only problem is, my wife loves it to,
so I need to buy another camera... I am considering the G1, an E520,
the E30, (or another E510)... on Imaging Resource, the G1 and E30
shots were very close to each other in quality (to my eyes)... I can
be happy with a 510 or 520 for sure...the E30 is way over priced, but
I have heard rumors that the build quality of the G1 is only fair at
best, and that paint was rubbing of the buttons, so far minor stuff
like that... what is your honest opinion on durability, keeping in
mind I attempt to baby my gear... also, I tend to purchase the
extended warranties, so that would be a safety net, but no one want
to be without their gear while off for repairs. No trolling or
bashing intended, I am looking for your opinion.... way impressed, by
the way, with 1/6 sec handheld sharp shots....

Hi Dwight, thanks for looking, no i didn't use the tripod, no need to
with the great OIS on the G1, although i do use it for night shots.


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Hi Dwight, i baby my gear too, mind, you wouldn't think so if you saw the pic i post of the ink rubbing off the letters .

Other than this paint coming off i have zero complaints about the build quality, the camera does what it was built for, takes photo's, and IMHO does it really well, i heard elsewhere that the battery door could be easily broken off and one poster ( Trevor carpenter ) even pointed out that a local shop had a cheap G1 that turned out to indeed have a broken batter door, so it does happen, but you could break anything if your heavy handed.

I have owned FZ1/2/10/30 TZ5 and a FS5 and never had a problem except for the FZ30 had i red pixel, so i returned it for exchanged and never had another problem with it.

I suppose if the G1 had weather seals and a metal body it would most definitely be more durable but i think it will last me well until i'm ready to move on again, i have taken just over 2000 pics since Nov 28 without so much as a hiccup except the ink on the buttons.

I hope this helps in some small way.


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