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Online Bulk Printing

I recently got the idea to compile a hard-copy, last-resort archive of 4x6 prints of my favorite jpgs. The kind of thing that will survive an EMP or just plain years of obsolete optical/magnetic technology.

I found a kit at Archival Methods which will handsomely contain 2400 4x6's for about $50, (or about $0.02/print for storage). Adorama has 4x6's for as low as $0.11 (glossy) or $0.14 (luster).

Does anyone know of any better printing services?

Priorities: low, low prices.
Efficient uploading (FTP please)
Efficient handling of thousands of prints at once
No cropping! Adorama has a "letterbox" option for images not in 2:3 ratio.
No auto correction: these are images I've already toned.

Decent quality. Doesn't have to be gallery ready, but I want the essential information of the image maintained in case (knock wood) I have to scan it some day because the digital file is gone.

Don't care very much about: turnaround time, shipping costs

Anyway, even a $0.01/print will make a difference; $24 off the cost of the box of 2400 prints. Recommendations?



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