D3x vs. 5D MKII (Some thoughts)

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D3x vs. 5D MKII (Some thoughts)

I'm a Nikon user....and once upon a time I had the Canon 30D and it was well loved. At that time I almost got shot for saying that my 30D was truly a better camera than the Nikon D2X. And I will still say it.

But times change and Nikon has taken the lead or caught up or is nearly caught up. Whatever. Nikon and Canon are both offering stunning DSLRs at nearly every price point.

I recently took some heat for saying...and I was quite right to do so, that the Nikon D700 would be a better DSLR than the 5D2 for MOST shooters. Nobody likes to be part of a generalization, so it wasn't a popular notion. Few people will even admit that 6 or 8MP is perfectly fine for THEIR needs.

So, after messing about with my friends 5D2 and being pretty impressed with it except for the FPS, focus and build quality, I then (yesterday) got to mess around with a D3x.

"And once again I will generalize and say that if 95% of the people don't need the 5D2 then 99.9% don't need the D3x! Make no mistake: It's build quality towers over the 5D2. It's AF module, like the D3 and D700 is at the top of the class. And yes, the IQ may have a MARGINAL advantage. It's FPS is just fast enough for sports...but barely. It's the best DSLR I've ever used, but I need it in the same way I need a Porsche or Jessica Alba for a night. And as Mr. Spock once said: Having is so often not as good a thing as wanting."

So is the D3x worth more than a 5D2? Heck no...and certainly not 3 times more. But the reality is that the D3x is aimed at the shooter who actually can use what it has and in a professional environment. The casual shooter can talk themselves into a D700 or 5D2, but the D3x is another matter at 8K. My friend, who just bought his, shoots in situations where the 5D2 would have issues. He needs the faster FPS and every ounce of resolution and focus customization. He shoots whales and other marine life from rubber boats. Who else here does that and how many will suggest that the D3x is not worth what he paid?

A pro picks the right tool for the right job. The amateur, especially many in these forums, picks the tool they envision will expand their skills. So you choose a faster camera or one with more resolution or the smaller model that can be better concealed. It's about what you shoot 1st and foremost.

No, the 5D2 is not "better" than a D3x. The D3x is faster, better built, better focusing and so on. It may not be enough to squeeze the extra 5K from you, but it's a no-brainer for the pro who requires it. I prefer smaller body DSLR's, so I'll wait for a D700x. If I HAD to have high resolution FX today the 5D2 is the only sensible choice for a smaller camera.

But if you shoot whales from a rubber boat....

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