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don't care

people are banned for a reason and forums are not a democracy

DavidSvensson wrote:

In August 2008 Joe Mama was banned from DPR.

There has been a number of threads debating whetever that was a good
or bad decision.

In a recent thread it was suggested a poll should be made to find out
how many want him back and how many want him awat from DPR.

This is that poll. I´m trying to keep this as neutral and transparent
as possible.
If you think the procedure needs to be improved, feel welcome to PM me.

Please do not post in this thread for any other reason than to cast
your vote.

If you want to vote, please observe these rules to keep the vote fair:

1. Only vote if you have been registered on DPR prior to August 2008

2. Only vote once

3. Only post in the headline, and only post either




You will also need to type something like "no text" in the message,
as this site for technical reasons does not allow posts containing
only a headline.

(In means you want Joe Mama brought back, Out means you want things
as it is)

If you don´t know who Joe Mama is - don´t vote.
If you don´t care either way - don´t vote.

4. Write nothing else. No motivation. No debating. No linking.
Nothing else.
If you want to discuss the pros and cons of Joe Mama you have plenty
of other threads to chose from.

The reasons for this are:

a. To keep the thread easy to overview and count the posts
b. To keep the thread below the 150 post limit
c. To keep the thread civil

5. I´ll ask the mods to remove any post from this thread (apart from
this initial post) that contain anything other than IN or OUT, plus
the "no text" bit in the message.

6. If you want this initial post augmented, please PM me and, if I in
my descretion think it is a valid argument, I´ll make another post as
a reply to this initial post.

7. You are welcome to express any view you may have on the subject of
Joe Mama and on the subject of this poll, as long as you do not post
anything besides IN or OUT in this particular thread. Start a new
thread if you want, or reply in one of the existing threads.


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