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Re: What ???

Patco wrote:

I don't see any difference whatsoever. If someone gets themselves
photographed while out in public, they too are "willingly and
knowingly putting themselves on public display, to be seen &
photographed". S/he who believes otherwise has merely failed to
comprehend the law on this, which applies similarly in most countries.

Are you implying that merely being in a public place, one is
willingly putting
oneself on display to be photographed? Even if one indicates otherwise?
The law is one thing, and courtesy and respect of ones wishes is
If a stranger sat a few feet from you & your family on a picnic bench
in the
park snapping pictures of you eating lunch, would you ignore him, and
continue eating? I guess you would have to, since you "comprehend
the law".

I didn't see any implication there - it was an outright statement of fact.

If it bothered me that someone was snapping pictures of my family and me I would approach the photographer and ask him, as a favor to me, to stop. I would probably ask him what he found so interesting. It only becomes rude if a polite request is ignored. Since the photog has the law on his side and I choose to be in public I pretty much have to go along with any decision he makes, like it or not.

A polite person will not ignore the wishes of others. It is incumbent to communicate those wishes though. Don't get upset if people can't read your mind. In a multi-cultural society we can't presume that every culture has the same ideas of politeness and proper public behavior. Communication is the best way to find out.

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