Candid Street Photography

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Re: What ???

mschf wrote:

Patco wrote:

Having a shot taken of you unknowingly, unwillingly, or without
consent is
hardly "no difference" than taking a shot of a performer on stage,
who has,
by the nature of his/her profession, willingly & knowingly put
on public display, to be seen & photographed.

I don't see any difference whatsoever. If someone gets themselves
photographed while out in public, they too are "willingly and
knowingly putting themselves on public display, to be seen &
photographed". S/he who believes otherwise has merely failed to
comprehend the law on this, which applies similarly in most countries.

Are you implying that merely being in a public place, one is willingly putting
oneself on display to be photographed? Even if one indicates otherwise?
The law is one thing, and courtesy and respect of ones wishes is another.
If a stranger sat a few feet from you & your family on a picnic bench in the
park snapping pictures of you eating lunch, would you ignore him, and just
continue eating? I guess you would have to, since you "comprehend the law".

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