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Re: 17 more snaps from NYC Streets

Your picutures show and express exactly why I find street photography fascinating and they made my day after reading this long, depressing thread. I find your style truly enjoyable, excellent in both techniqual quality, composition and storytelling. You managed to truly capture some of "the right" moments (decisive as Cartier-Bresson would have said) for eternity. Through photos like yours, stories are told, interpretations can be made and the "something" conveyed to the viewer. For me photos works much in the same way as books, as they can or may start a mental process. and unlike their close cousins, video they do not tend to render the viewer into a more or less passive receiver. It is not necessarily the picture itself, its content, who's or what's in it, but the general feeling or mood it conveys to the the viewer and the mental process it kickstart that is important.

Thank you for posting and good luck in your future endeavours.


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