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Re: TFergus are these OK?

TFergus wrote:

Hear2see wrote:

do you see any worthwhile in any of these 3 pics?
to me, these street pics are charming but what do you say?

Since you ask... #1 and #3 bore me. #2 has a little interest...
although since it was likely posed, it better have.

Why do you ask me specifically? No one should care what I like. And
why did you post this twice?

Hi TFergus, thanks for getting back to my question. Why did I ask you specifically? Well I guess because.......... you brought up the 'question of art' regards to street photography. And well, you know, that's a good question to bring up! What is art? T'ween you and me, there's lots of art that I still, just don't get at all, same goes for photography. Yet there are those who are deeply moved by a photo that just doesn't stir much in me at all. At Sotheby's, sometimes photos sell for tens of thousands and even hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars and again, a lot of the time, I'm just not seeing what others are seeing.

Those 3 photos that I posted where shot by one of the greatest photographers of all time, Henri Cartier Bresson. His photography has a very wide appeal, (put me down as one who loves his work) so I thought I could better appreciate your questioning of the merits of 'side walk snap shooting' if you gave your opinion on what most would would agree are 3 master pieces.

This forum is a great place to learn. And well, it's helpful to get a handle on the mindset of who is makes such strong statements as you did. May I suggest that, we can't be experts in all fields of photography and I think that after your C&C of Bresson's work, I can now see where you are coming from.

So maybe... there's room for you to ask yourself, is this just one of those kinds of photography that you've yet to get a feeling or appreciation for? Before you know, trash it. Who knows but that after some looking into this style of photography it might grow on you.

Why did I post twice asking the same thing??

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