Candid Street Photography

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Re: Not my best....

Have you ever been the subject of street photography? I mean honestly, you're confusing street photography with the paparazzi. Most street photographers get VERY close to their subjects. The quick motion required to properly capture a candid favors fast prime lenses

Also, since you seem to be big on beating your chest like a damned gorilla, think about this: If a street photographer takes your picture and you decide to take physical action against them for it, you'll encounter one of the following two scenarios:

A) You assault an unarmed person and likely cause thousands of dollars in material damage. You'll be tried and found guilty of assault and will be subject to serious criminal and civil penalties. The lawsuit will likely put you and yours in the poor house.

B) You assault an unarmed person and they defend themselves effectively. You'll still likely be found guilty of assault and subject to significant criminal and civil damages.

Your use of the term "Street Justice" is just as flawed as your thinking. Your willing to physically harm another person for taking your picture? How did he harm you? Did he steal a piece of your soul? Maybe the clicking of his cameras shutter caused you immense ear-pain? Grow the hell up and realize you're not on the school yard. If you don't like your constitutional rights, move your family to Afghanistan.

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