Candid Street Photography

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Re: Candid Street Photography

ericBlair wrote:

i think a lot of what we are seeing expressed in this thread is the
bleak american puritanical tradition which once sought to ban dancing
as sinful and still suffuses their culture.

Don't bother me with your boring self-righteousness. I haven't even read throuigh this thread. It's really of no interest. I replied to the OP's first post then saw the fallout.
Save it.

and yes, making portraits of random strangers

Yes, portraits. Exactly.

Nothing "street" about them. Unless you all consider it "street photography" simply because he happened to be standing on a sidewalk taking snapshots.

I guess that makes you one of those that "understands the history and tradition blah blah blah".

I guess I should have just said to the OP... "Great shots!"... since that's really all he was after.

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