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Re: Thousands of photos posted on Facebook without permission.....

Patco wrote:

Jonathan T wrote:

At this point nearly everyone under the age of 30 who has friends now
has photos of them, oftentimes embarassing ones, posted on the
internet and tagged with their name, via facebook.

Does that mean everyone on Facebook is a pervert?

A shot taken by a stranger without your knowledge or consent, or
even ignoring your wishes that a picture not be taken and posting it
to the
internet, is not really the same as postings by friends on Facebook,
is it?

No, it's not the same. However it was suggested that we should consider how we would feel if someone posted pictures of your family on the internet without permission, and I just felt it relevant to point out that people post photos of people, friends or not, on facebook without permission ever day.

While I'm not absolutely opposed to the concept of "street" photography,
I feel there should be some respect and courtesy shown to the subjects.
If a person wants the guy with a camera not to point it at them or
their kids,
shouldn't that be respected at least as much as the right to take

Yes, I think that if the subject wishes that their photo not be taken they should be able to politely ask the photographer to refrain. However, no one should expect that when they are out in public they have the right not to be photographed. IMO, it's a matter of courtesy, not rights.

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