Candid Street Photography

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Re: Candid Street Photography

i think a lot of what we are seeing expressed in this thread is the bleak american puritanical tradition which once sought to ban dancing as sinful and still suffuses their culture. happily, such attitudes are alien to most of the rest of the world.

i wouldn't bother arguing with zealots who see sin in every innocent activity and yes, making portraits of random strangers (even attractive women) in the street can be as innocent and artistic as capturing landscapes or flower macros and doesn't need to be justified in any other terms.

TFergus wrote:

Skafe wrote:

For those of us who understand the history and traditions of Street Photography

Then why don't you understand that 2 of your 3 shots are basically
portraits... not "street photography".

I don't care how much "those of (you) understand it's history and
traditions". (Btw.. lol @ that).... "street photography" is just a
vague label for random outdoor snapshots of strangers... it's not
like it's an art.

G4orce Studios wrote:

I LOVE when I see Sean Penn, or someone like him, smashing the gear (or face) of some smart-mouthed jerk paparazzi-photog

I agree with that.

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