Candid Street Photography

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Gforce/or anyone else with LARGE opinions..

This is funny all your eulogies that you come up with .
Let me see . You come from a brodcasting background , right ???

You remind me a bit of Mankow . All talk , until you are in their face . But that's o-k in your world . It's o-k to bash someone's name over the radio that you dispise , or have something against . Like street photography , totally legal , but some can't take the thought of it.

You tell me , would you rather have a candid picture of your family in public showing a happy family , or have some idiot tearing your family , or yourself apart openly on the radio , as I am sure you have done ??????

It works both ways my friend , yes , "my friend" . Friends tend to dis-agree more than foes . And I am sure , we are a bit alike , with daughters and a good-looking wife . I just feel there is nothing wrong with photographing everyday life , as I will be headed down-town Chicago soon to do just that .

Now , if you are tal;king about a peeping Tom setting up with ill-intent , well then , I am an extremely intimadating subject with just as an intimidating dimeaner to match , and then I would have your view on the subject .
Have a good 1...

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