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Re: human condition?

I'm kind of torn on this. I think that some street photography is great and obviously can not be reproduced with the same emotions/events/stories captured.

The legality of it has been well established, so it is more of a courtesy/moral issue.

Some people don't like their photograph to be taken, so if you do take it, it is rude. However, I don't see the inherent danger in it that some people do.

That being said, I would feel uncomfortable taking pictures of random people. Living in semi-rural Iowa it would be especially awkward since there isn't the same congestion that you would see in big cities.

It should also be noted that if you are going to blow up at a photog that you might just get your own beating.

I try to remain pretty level headed and would gladly take getting yelled at without returning the favor so that I could keep my composure, but if you broke my camera or threatened me you'd probably end up worse off than you were before.

People who react in ways such as G4orce or w/e his handle is generally talk a lot on the internet but have yet to back it up 'in real life'.

I think a lot of people need to grow up. Quit taking pictures of pretty girls (or worse your secret taboo fetish) under the guise of street photography and quit trying to impress people by threatening violence toward something that is entirely situational.

So tl;dr summary:

1) It is rude to take someones photograph if they don't like you to (and you don't know their opinion in 'candid' street photography).
2) It is rude to fight first ask questions later (or over-react in general).

3) I wouldn't be surprised if all the s* talking in this thread either a) wouldn't actually happen in real life or b) would end up getting the person a black eye (or worse) of their own.

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