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Re: To Thom

Thom Hogan wrote:

Okay, what I'm about to right is not a criticism. I'm not trying to
diss anyone here, so please don't take it that way.

No worries.

However....what I find is that photographers go through stages.
Often, "sharpness" is an initial stage when it comes to lenses. After
all, if your eyes are sharp, the photo should be, too. (At workshops
I talk as much about intentional out-of-focus as intentional
in-focus). Next step with lenses is usually recognition of edge to
edge effects, which includes differences in sharpness and, of course,
vignetting. (At workshops I often spend a lot of time putting
vignetting back into images). This is then followed by recognition of
pixel level defects (both forms of chromatic aberration, coma,
highlight defects, etc.). Eventually, the photographer recognizes
that a zoom lens is not just about "cropping" from the same position
(the 18-200mm is better than 16-85mm arguments), but in flexibility
of position to near objects versus far (perspective).

Well, looks like I skipped the middle stages and jumped right to the last one. On a more serious note: The 18-135 DX was my cheapo walk around ("was" because I am selling it), and for that lens, sharpness was my main concern. So, it fit the bill perfectly. I was not overly bothered by CA as the D300/NX take care of that, and not overly bothered by vignetting and distortion either because I have other lenses that I can use when it really matters (and no, I wouldn't accept the 18-135 DX sort of vignetting from a 12-24 DX or the like)...

What I actually did start to value only recently after some Tokina-made disappointments is flare resistance (or general into-the-sun characteristics). I had neglected this previously.

In summa: Not feeling dissed, but probably a stage or two further than you had thought. But still plenty to learn.


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