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Re: Not my best....

So let me get this straight... You'd rather teach your kids to beat the snot out of someone for no known reason than to go up and find out the truth before acting?

At least we know where you stand with your parenting approach - should produce some real winners.

Good luck beating up the teller at the bank who has the CCTV, the pro who caught you in the background of a fooball shot, and the newsman who comes to interview you as your kid murders someone for giving him the 'evil eye'.

G4orce Studios wrote:

It won't take much to remedy the situation, when it happens. No law
necessary to get some intrusive street photog loser out of my
family's face. Oh no, you'll call the police. Go ahead, if you are

Good luck quoting laws when some angry person is in your face and is
very upset that you are taking pics of his family without permission.

I imagine "street photography" should have no problem with "street
justice," correct?

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