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Re: Big difference betw girl watching with a camera n Good St Photo...

rfc wrote:

JMHO, there is a big difference between girl watching with your
camera and "good street photography". The later is all about
composition and emotion.

Indeed. I don't see anything wrong with photographing people in public, but are you actually telling a story , capturing a scene , or conveying emotion with your photograph? Or are you just taking pictures of random strangers (usually young, attractive women)?

RFC's photographs are examples of good street photography. The classic example (at least in my mind) is 'V-J Day in Times Square' ( ), which is of an intimate (?) moment, but tells a story .

Most of the time, the 'street photography' I see on these forums is girl-watching (or people-watching) with your camera. It's less 'What an interesting scene/moment to capture!' and more 'I saw this woman walking down the street, so I took a photograph of her!', which is not very interesting from a photographic standpoint, and ranges from slightly weird to creepy.


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