Candid Street Photography

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let me ask you a question

Do you think the first photo from the OP makes you feel creepy? I can understand the 2nd and 3rd, and indeed they are not my favorites.

I think the problem is that real street photography and voyeuristic photography get mixed up in some peoples minds. There is nothing wrong w/the OP's first photo, the other two are a little creepy.

Just by coincidence, this guy's work showed up right when I was reading this post.¤t=6¤t=12¤t=9

(also go to the home page and select the "people" option).

A lot of his "people" photos seem like street photograph to me, yet none of them are offensive to me. They all have a certain class, taste, and involvement that makes it obvious he is not taking advantage of the subjects.

On the other hand, a lot of the so-called street photography I've seen posted just seems like an excuse to take random photos of people, with no redeeming photographic qualities at all.

It's like the difference between pornography and nudes. You know the difference when you see it, but it's hard to describe. A great nude has a number of redeeming qualities - composition, lighting, mood. Simple pornography doesn't.

So don't lump all street photography with all voyeuristic photography. And street photographers, make sure your photos are tasteful, tell a story, and meet basic photographic guidelines.

My personal goal is to reach the level of confidence where I can approach someone is the street, strike up a conversation, tell them what I'm doing, and get a great photo with their permission. No, I'm not very good at that right now : )

G4orce Studios wrote:

I think "candid" or "street" photography is creepy. I really do not
care what you think of my opinions. Sneaking pics of unsuspecting
people, for no reason other than to feed voyeuristic needs,
regardless of the place, is just plain creepy. Find other things to
photograph, or those who give you permission to use their likeness.

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