Thom 16-85VR and 18-105 DX review is up

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Re: Thom 16-85VR and 18-105 DX review is up

Like you, I spent some time looking at my photos and what made more sense, I decided against the 18-200 because most of my shots never used the 85-200 range, so I bought the 16-85 for the wide end. Actually most of my shots were from 45-52 I think, so my new 50 1.4G was a good buy, and I am so glad I bought one.

westofwy wrote:

I find this discussion very interesting. I have had the 18-200 for my
D80 and now D300 for two years now, and am thinking of switching to
the 16-85 as my principal "walking around" lens. I have done some
analysis of the focal lengths of my shooting. Having taken the 18-200
on many outings, family gatherings, architectural viewing
(photographing), etc., I have found this: 85% of my shooting with the
18-200 is between 18mm and 85mm. That leaves just 15% of my shots
being beyond 85mm. And, when viewing the histograms of the shooting I
do in the 18mm to 85mm range, I find that it is radically skewed
toward the 18mm focal length. That says to me that I would choose an
even wider focal length if it was available to me. By the way, I have
the 12-24 which I like and use, and I have the 70-300VR and the
70-200VR, both of which I like and use in various settings.

So, with regard to the "usefulness" of the 16-18mm range versus the
86-200mm range, it is becoming clear to me that I would very much
like to have the wider range available to me more than the long, if
it means a bit sharper image and less distortion. And by the way,
part of the fun of analyzing one's focal length preference profile,
is that you get to view a lot of fun photos. I find that the wide
stuff shot with family and friends in restaurants, talking, laughing,
eating colorful food, is really something valuable that the wide end
of our lens selection makes available. And it's hard to be "too" wide
in these settings.

Thanks to all for excellent points that have been made regarding the
good old "16-85 vs. 18-200" debate.

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