Candid Street Photography

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what is street photography?

I like the first photo - excellent composition, tells a story, gritty, great background. Very nice.

But, it my opinon, 90% of what I see is these posts isn't street photography. For example, your second photo. What does it show? A pretty girl with sunglasses. Does it tell a story? Does it involve you? Would it have been better as a studio shot?

For your first photo, can you imagine recreating it in the studio and getting a better shot? If your could, it would cost a fortune and be outside the scope of amateurs.

I guess the last issue is how I judge street photography. If it's very hard to recreate in the studio, due to the expression, the pose, the background, the situation, then it's a worth while street photography shot.

The 3rd shot is a mixed bag. OK, it tells a story. A tired commuter going home. On the other hand, it seems kind of opportunistic. Did you take it because she was asleep and was an easy victim, or because it was a great shot? I suspect people will be divided on this one.

So, all you street photographers. It's easy to take a shot of a someone walking down the street. What makes your shot special and stand out? Just because it's street photography doesn't mean the rules of composition and involvement have been suspended. If street photography doesn't tell a story, doesn't involve you, then in my opinion it's just voyeurism (not that a little voyeurism is a bad thing, just don't delude yourself.)

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