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Re: Not my best....

Look, these two (John Garth and G4orce Studios) get confused by a lot things! The former blames all the world's ills on "libs" and the latter hates everything to do with Sony, despite owning more than one Sony camera and a Nikon that contains a Sony sensor. They're simple types that have difficulty rationalising and can only see things in black and white, so it really comes as no surprise that they fail to grasp the logic of a well-reasoned argument.

Joe Federer wrote:
Methinks you confuse the issue when you equate all street
photographers to a few paparrazi.

I'd also love to hear how a shot of a homeless man's hand holding a
cup might be considered 'perverted'?

Perhaps your problem is that you've never seen photos made for any
purpose other than sexual gratification? Perhaps there is a bit of
projection going on?

I, for instance, was not even making an image of the mans daughter,
and he railed against me. And even if I had, it would have been
because she was laughing and having a great time in a colorful
setting - not because I find kindergartners attractive.

Paranoia culture, I tell you, it'll steal what's left of our rights.
Just look at what it's done in the past half-a-dozen years.

G4orce Studios wrote:

John Garth wrote:
This is really good..... one of them vouching for the others .....
Classic perv rhetoric .....
Yup, none of them are predators or perverts ..... wanna buy a bridge


Skafe wrote:

Of all the people I've ever met who partake in street photography,
particularly of the candid sort, that there isn't any predatory or
exploitative element to their intentions.

Next his mom will post and say he (and all street photographers) have
never had an unpure thought. We believe you, because you say it is

Just because you have a camera doesn't mean you can use it anywhere
and everywhere you want.

The argument that "I can see you with my eye, so I can take a pic" is
so asinine, it would be funny, if not pathetic.

I suppose you would defend this scumbag also:

She should have never left the house with her kids, right?

"Starr, 61, former independent White House counsel who drafted the
infamous "Starr Report" which led to President Clinton's impeachment,
was reportedly contacted by the city of Malibu to draft a local
ordinance that will restrict the paparazzi's access to celebrities in

More people need to fight back against these "lens lizards" who think
they have a right to invade anyone's personal space, any time they

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