Thom 16-85VR and 18-105 DX review is up

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Re: Thom 16-85VR and 18-105 DX review is up

Thom Hogan wrote:

A 24mm equivalent opens up
possibilities you don't have at 28mm.

You are really reaching with that statement. Actually, if you apply the 1.5x crop factor the difference is 16x1.5 (24mm) vs 18x1.5 (27mm). Lets assume for "most of Thom's uses" the 18-200 only goes to 150mm in the field. That means we are talking about a 85x1.5 (127.5mm) vs 150x1.5(225mm) difference (97.5mm). The difference will be greater when you focus on objects further in the distance. So lets see, an extra 3mm on the wide end or 97.5mm++ on the long end?

The 18-200 was obviously designed to be an all-in-one travel type of lens. It seems pretty obvious to me which lens would provide a more useful 1-lens range when used in that role. The samples I've seen posted online show the two lenses to be similar in performance when used at the same focals.

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